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Libyan Hit Squad & Tam Tam the Sandwich Man

Back in the wilder days of the early 2000's Libyan Hit Squad(L.H.S.) attacked the local dives and watering holes of central Florida with a relentless sound and electrifying frontman. Armed with a bass guitar with a whammy bar and a killer head of hair Chachy(Craig Englund) was a sight for glazed eyes. They even got to work with Greg Ginn on their last record before disbanding in 2010 when Craig moved to China and formed his current group Round Eye.

While we got big news Chachy is gonna be back in town and yes he's getting the band back together for a one night only event.

Not only will this be your only chance to see LHS one last time but we also have Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies on the bill. Tam Tam rarely plays anymore so this is sure to be a special night.

Libyan Hit Squad
Quite possibly the best band that's ever existed.

Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies
Orlando's Premier Grav-Pop Band

proto-punk, swamp-rock band (new Green Goblin Project)

Will Brack
One Man Band from Kissimmee, FL