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Bass Night presents: The Baked Prophecy Tour

BassNight Presents: The Baked Prophecy Tour w/ Eazybaked and Prophet!

The Eazybaked duo have combined their unique talents to create a partnership that is bringing the bass sounds of the future to the world. They just released their latest EP “Alone With Yourself” through Wakaan on December 14th, 2018.
When speaking of their latest release, the duo says, “Humans are social creatures. However, when you are alone with yourself, in solitude, you are capable of extraordinary things.”
Their catalogue of tracks are some of those extraordinary things. We are beyond excited to host them at this very special HOMETOWN STOP of their nationwide tour!

"It seems to be that everything in this universe has a sort of vibration rate, frequency and/or oscillation. The moon in its orbit around the earth moves in a sort of large wavelength, your heartbeat, night and day, the water cycle, etc, etc... mix that with infinity, 0.000... (you dont have to add a 1, everything is connected i think) as we on earth experience the frequencies that our biological systems are tuned to. Prophet is a project of flow and its many forms. All of my love and respect."

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The Henao Contemporary Center
5601 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32810